Why This Book? What Is Radically Different?

“90 percent of digital projects fail to meet expectations and only deliver incremental improvements” – Vanson Bourne Research, 2017.

This book cuts through the myths and fog of digitalization trends, technologies, roadmaps and strategies. It presents a clear outline, with company and industry evidence, for practical Digital Rebirth of companies,contrasting it to deficient ‘digital transformation’ approaches. The latter are focused on embedding digital technologies for company agility, neglecting the essential need for rebirth of companies’ nature and purpose due to digital impacts. Simply stated, the book’s emphasis is on Digital Rebirth, in contrast to digital transformation.

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Marius Leibold

Marius Leibold is a leadership consultant and mentor, doing business as Marius Leibold & Associates for more than 20 years. He is currently Visiting Professor at Business School Netherlands, the University of North Carolina, Shanghai Jiatong University, and Massey University, New Zealand, as well as Professor Emeritus in Business Leadership and Strategy at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Marius has full-time executive experience in the manufacturing, financial and publishing industries, leading to him being a Case Study Associate at Harvard Business School.

Marius has wide experience in top-level digital leadership executive workshops in the U.S, China, Europe and Africa. His counseling sessions on Digital Mindsets, and three day workshop Strategic Leadership in the Digital Economy, have met with significant impact and acclaim.

He has published a number of books and articles for executives, including prominent co-authored books with Tom Davenport and Sven Voelpel, including ‘Strategic Management in the Innovation Economy’, and ‘Managing the Aging Workforce’.

Sven c. Voelpel

Sven Voelpel is an expert for excellence as Professor of Business Administration at the Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, as well as founding president of the WISE Group.

Professor Voelpel is dedicated to research on WISE – Wisdom, Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship with a particular focus on digitalization and artificial intelligence. He has been working also on demographic change and diversity.

The advisor, scientist and author of more than 300 publications, incl. bestselling Amazon textbooks and audio books and Harvard Business School case studies, he has been serving with several guest and honorary professorships at INSEAD, Tsinghua und St. Gallen as well as with Visiting Fellowships at Harvard University. He is an international renowned keynote speaker and teacher of executive workshops.

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